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An amazing data base of documented records for more than 4,000 episodes of Tritiyo Matra - the Political Talk Show on Channel i Bangladesh, which has been continuing its telecast everyday for almost 8 years now. The first ever talk show to be also reproduced on the internet... this is not just a database - but also is a Chronological Tale of Bangladesh!

Episode No. Program Date Topic Guests Duration (H:M:S) Host Comments
9 July 25, 2003 Education System in Bangladesh Mr. A N H Ehsanul Haq Milon, Mr. Prof. Dr. Alauddin Ahmed 00:49:55 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
8 July 24, 2003 Energy & Power Sector in Bangladesh Mr. Iqbal Hasan Mahmood, Mr. Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal 00:48:20 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
7 July 23, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Mr. Suranjit Sengupta 00:53:45 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
6 July 22, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Shajahan Siraj, Mr. Abdur Razzak 00:38:38 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5 July 21, 2003 Interview Mr. Lt. Col. Akbar Hossain (Retd.) BP, Mr. Farid Hossain 00:46:30 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
4 July 20, 2003 Gas Export Mr. A K M Mosharrof Hossain, Mr. Hasanul Haq Inu 00:36:35 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
3 July 19, 2003 Bangladesh – India Trade & Commerce Mr. Amir Khosru M.Chowdhury, Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Harun 00:21:20 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
2 July 18, 2003 Interview Mr. Salahuddin Kader Chowdhury 00:36:00 Mr.Zillur Rahman Single Video
1 July 17, 2003 Independent Anti Corruption Bill & Appointment of Judges in High Court Mr. Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Mr.Barrister Rokon Uddin Mahmood 00:40:00 Mr.Zillur Rahman Video
1 June 15, 2015 Mr. Suvas Singho Roy and Mr. Jebel Rahman Ghaani, 00:58:56 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1 June 16, 2015 Mr. A H Aslam Sunny and Mr. Sayeeful Islam, 00:58:58 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video

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