Europe sleepwalking into another world war?

MORE than 100 years after World War I, Europe’s leaders are sleepwalking towards a new all-out war. In 1914..

Zelensky calls for firm int’l response to latest attack on Ukraine

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky called for a ‘firm global response’ Friday after a missile strike killed 52 people..

Russia hides evidence of ‘thousands’ killed in Mariupol: Zelensky

Russia is blocking humanitarian access to the besieged port city of Mariupol because it wants to hide evidence..

Ukrainian troops get drone training in United States

Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in the United States to operate the deadly Switchblade drones that Washington..

US govt sanctions Putin’s daughters over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Little is known publicly about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s daughters, sanctioned on Wednesday..

French artist sprays ‘smiles and humanity’ on walls in Ukraine

Paris-based graffiti legend Christian Guemy, better known as C215, puts the final touches on a blue and yellow portrait ..

England reforms divorce law, adopts ‘no-fault divorce’

No more faked evidence or years-long waits — from Wednesday, unhappy spouses in England and Wales can end..

NASA delays latest test for moon shot

The latest test of NASA’s giant Moon rocket SLS has been pushed back to allow for a SpaceX rocket to launch..

US announces extra $100 million in military aid to Ukraine

The United States on Tuesday announced that it will send $100 million in additional anti-armor weapons..

Several people killed in Hungary train accident: police

Several people died in a train crash in Hungary Tuesday after a van drove onto the rails at a crossing..