“The death of President Zillur Rahman has affected the country more than it affected Awami League. After becoming president, Zillur Rahman did not belong to AL any more. As a nation we lost a guardian. If he, as a person acceptable to all, took any initiative against the backdrop of ongoing political crisis, an understanding between the major political parties could easily be reached. In this context, I think, the country has suffered an irreparable loss.”

AL advisory committee member Amir Hossain Amu said this on a talk show titled ‘Tritiyo Matra’ on a private TV channel, Channel i, on Thursday night. The show was anchored by Zillur Rahman.Amir Hossain said, “President Zillur Rahman had no enemy. I don’t think he had any political or personal enemy. He did not do anything detestable in politics. He did not hate anybody, nor was hated by anybody. That’s why he could establish himself in politics as a pure man. He was totally impartial even after becoming the president. Constitutional power of Election Commission lies in the Prime Minister’s hands. The president has to work according to the suggestion of the PM. But he (Zillur) tried to shape the EC according to the suggestions of acceptable persons. He formed a search committee with persons who are constitutionally at director level in different public organisations. Everyone believed him as an impartial person. That’s why the chief opposition leader responded to his call, although she does not respond to the call of the EC others. At this critical political situation the nation suffered an irreparable loss in his death. During his last days he became isolated after the death of his wife in the August 21 grenade attack and after becoming president. He urged us to go to him whenever we met.”He also said, “Zillur Rahman did not participate in dirty politics. He was uncompromising in question of ethics. Due to his organising capability, he was elected the general secretary of the AL two times during Bangabandhu’s period. The present PM also made him the general secretary two times. But he took no pride as the GS of AL. His role during 1/11 is unforgettable. AL was not divided at that time due to his expert role. He never tried to impose anything.”

Admiring the chief opposition leader, he said, “It is really admirable that she went to the Bangabhaban to convey respect to the president and withdrew pre-announced programme. It is a good political gesture. If this political culture can be resurrected, seventy five percent of our political problems would be solved. It has created an opportunity to come out of the bad political culture. Now, we have to see how political problems can be solved through dialogue. AL general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam has made a proposal for dialogue. But BNP is trying to press home its demand before sitting across the table for dialogue. This is not the way to dialogue.”


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