Main organs of the state have become ineffective. For this, the overall situation of the country is not in favour of people. Former BNP leader and minister Alamgir Kabir and Prof Ferdous Hasan of Political Science of Dhaka University talked about the issue on a television talk show titled ‘Tritiyo Matra’ on Channel i on Friday night. The programme was anchored by Zillur Rahman.

Prof Ferdous Hasan said remarkable progress has been achieved in the public and private sectors. Performance of the private sector, in particular, is better than many other countries. In the agricultural sector, Bangladesh is well ahead many Asian countries in terms of crop production per hectare. Even the growth rate is higher than India.He further said, “We have established a country through the liberation war, but the state couldn’t fulfil the desired expectations of people of the country. As a result, people are getting aggrieved and frustrated.”

“If such situation leads to a positive change in politics, and if people can put more pressure on the government to ensure their rights, we will be able to overcome our weaknesses,” he added.Former minister Alamgir Kabir said, “There are many organs of a state of which judiciary, parliament, administration and the army are the most important. In my view, most of the parliamentarians are corrupt people who embezzle wheat of the poor people.”He further said, “We are aware of the present situation in the judiciary. We are also aware of the administration where corruption is rife and employees are being posted and promoted on political considerations.”Alamgir Kabir agreed with the view of the anchor that standards of the administration have declined.

The discussant said, “The army is the last recourse of a country and nation. Many people think why army would interfere in politics. But this is not right, as politics, army and political science are related to each other. The army must have a role in this regard. War is bloody politics and politics is a war without blood. War is politics. The duty of army is to protect the state and ensure security.”Regarding the Pilkhana tragedy, he said, “The incidents of Pilkhana was pre-planned, but people are yet to know the real cause behind the gruesome killing.”

Courtesy: daily sun

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