The High Court Division on Tuesday rejected appeal for bail of detained suspended Sonagazi police station officer-in-charge Mouazzem Hossain.

OC Mouazzem was suspended and arrested for recording video of Nusrat Jahan Rafi while illegally interrogating her and posted the video   on YouTube to defame her.

OC Mouazzem was working to save serial sex offender and Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madrassah principal SM Siraj-ud-Doula.

Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madrassah student Nusrat was a sexual assault victim of principal Siraj and she was murdered on his orders. 

On June 17, Cyber Tribunal judge Mohammad Ash Shams Jaglul Hossain rejected Mouazzem’s bail application and sent him to jail after he was produced.

On April 15, Supreme Court lawyer Syed Sayedul Haque Suman filed the case against Mouazzem.

On Tuesday a bench of Justice Md Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Khizir Hayat rejected Mouazzem’s bail application after his lawyer did not press it.

At the hearing, the bench said that some of the deputy commissioners and police station officers-in-charge behaved like kings, not answerable to anyone.

The court said that Mouazzem completely failed to save Nusrat’s life and thereby damaged the image of the police department.

The court said that Nusrat’s life might be saved if Mouazzem recorded her complaint in the police station register for taking action against principal Siraj instead of recording her video to defame her.

The court said that but Mouazzen’s enjoyed videoing her and posting it on the social media.  

The court said that Mouazzem committed a  heinous offence.

If the Mouazzem took Nusrat to safe custody she would not die, the court said.  

Lawyer Md Ahsan Ullah submitted that Mouazzem videoed Nusrat making her complaint instead of recording her complaints in the police station’s register on the pretext that he had hearing problem.

Mouazzem’s bail appeal was opposed by attorney general Mahbubey Alam.

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