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Mr. Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly

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Mr. Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly
Research and Analyst
Executive Chairman, Centre for Developmentsearch, Bangladesh (CDRB)

Executive Chairman, Centre for Developmentsearch, Bangladesh (CDRB)

Independent, not-for-profit research, training and publication organization.

Overseas Director of American Institute of Bangladesh Studies (AIBS) which CDRB represents. AIBS is an association of 18 Universities and colleges of the USA, to promote scholarly-level exchange and understanding between Bangladesh and USA especially in academic and research circles. Among the member institutions of the AIBS are : Universities of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Syracuse, Chicago, Colonell, UCLA, ----- ANM Texas, Penn State & Washington etc. The AIBS-CDRB is also a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centres  (CAORC) (1989- up to date)

Chief Advisor, City University Dhaka

Editor, ASIAN AFFAIRS (organ of CDRB) a quarterly of developing societies with focus on society, politics, economy and foreign policies of developing nations

Independent Consultant on Social Development, Institutions, Information and Public Policy. Governance and Human Rights Training, Education, Public Administration, Local Govt., Rural Development and Cooperatives, Socio-economic Analysis of the processes of Women in Development  (WID), Privatization of Industries and Enterprises, Development of Small scale and Cottage Industries, Environment (socio-legal and institutional aspects) and International Relations.

He is the founder-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Premier Leasing International Ltd. a non-banking financial institution, incorporated in January 2002.

Chairman, Editorial Board of Review, monthly journal of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), the largest regional chamber of commerce in Bangladesh (from 1999 up to date).

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