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Mr. Sabirul Islam

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Mr. Sabirul Islam
Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker
He has written three self-help books. His Teen-Trepreneur board game has sold to over 550 schools in the United Kingdom and in 14 countries worldwide.

Sabirul Islam (Bengali: সাব্বিরউল ইসলাম; born 12 July 1990) is an English entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He has written three self-help books. His Teen-Trepreneur board game has sold to over 550 schools in the United Kingdom and in 14 countries worldwide. Since 2010, he has spoken at over 700 events worldwide as part of his Inspire1Million campaign.Islam was born in Tower Hamlets, London, England. He grew up in London, England, and attended Swanlea School. In 2008, he left City and Islington College.His parents are from Bangladesh, and they came to London to work and live a better lifestyle. He has five siblings.

Early career

At the age of 13, Islam was hired by his 14 year-old cousin in his company, The Royal Dragons, designing and printing calenders for teachers. Islam was given the role of a production director, however after Islam did not take it seriously and took it for granted, he was fired after two weeks.

Proving his cousin wrong was the motivation behind setting up his first business. In September 2004, Islam's first business was a website design company for corporate businesses called Veyron Technology, which he ran with six friends, all 13–14 years old. Islam made £2000 within the first two weeks. Two years later he closed it down. His company had several major clients, including Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO and Morgan Stanley and even won an award for 'Best Inner East London Company'.At the age of 16, whilst still studying at school, he was employed by Merrill Lynch as junior stock trader, which provided him with a two-week programme to learn the basics about investment and trading in New York City. Three months later he became a part-time trader for a period of nine months,In 2006, he met MyBnk founder, Lily Lapenna, when he entered a competition to invest £10 into various items to sell on at a profit, he turned it into £200.

Teen-Trepreneur Trilogy books and board game

At the age of 17, Islam spent three months during lunch hours writing his first book. After being rejected by 40 publishers he edited, designed and marketed the book himself.In January 2008, he self-published his first book The World at Your Feet. The book offers young people guidance and encouragement to turn their entrepreneurial vision into reality. His book launch allowed him to become a motivational speaker. In the first nine months following the launch, he shared his experience as a young entrepreneur at 379 events (including 333 schools) nationally and internationally and sold over 42,500 copies of his book. The book has now sold 60,000 copies.

Islam invested £20,000 of his own money and spent 10 months developing and launching a business board game with six 11-15 year olds. Teen-Trepreneur, which teaches key aspects of business from sales, to investment, expenses to loans and the even understanding the stock exchange. The game was intended to educate young people about enterprise, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. In June 2009, the game was launched, due to its multi-purpose in introducing 15 of 25 units taught for BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business, the game has been integrated into the BTEC Business Qualification in over 500 schools across the United Kingdom. The game has sold over 300,000 copies in 14 countries world-wide.

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