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Ms. Khushi Kabir

General Information
Ms. Khushi Kabir
Social Activist
Coordinator, Nijera Kori

Coordinator, Nijera Kori

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, 1969

Major Professional Involvement

In 1972, immediately after the Liberation of Bangladesh, joined BRAC, as part of a group of young people working for the rehabilitation of the war torn country, and was the first woman to be based and work in remote rural areas. In 1980 she joined as the Coordinator of Nijera Kori – a non government development organisation that works for landless women and men in socio-economic struggles.Since 1975, have organised trainings, workshops, consultations on Women, Development, Environment, Land and Human Rights Issues, and participated in major conferences nationally, regionally and internationally. Have been actively involved in the fight for rights of women, marginalised communities, environmental protection and against all types of fundamentalism.

As an NGO activist, played an important role in developing NGOs into a strong forum and network, and also in building bridges and links to other networks, citizen’s forums and Groups, as well as with the Government. Currently, Chairperson of the Association of Land Reform and Development-ALRD, a Networks of NGOs and Citizens active in Land Rights; Chairperson, Panos South Asia; Human Development Foundation; Member, Steering Committee ( Selected as NGO representative) Housing Fund Committee, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh

Others Professional Involvement

Previously held honorary position as Founder Trustees, Arannayk Foundation (a Govt. of Bangladesh and US Govt. debt swap agreement for funding Tropical Forest Conservation Projects) from 2003-2009; Member, Board of Governors, Sonali Bank from 1996-2001; Independent Panel of Experts, WARPO from 1998-2001; National Nutrition Council from 1998-2001; Member, Consultative Committee for Economic Policies, Management and Reforms of the Finance Ministry, Government of Bangladesh from 2007-2008; Member, Advisory Committee to the Environment Ministry, Government of Bangladesh from 2007-2008.

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