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Mr. Muhammad Junaid Ali Ahmed Pollock

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Mr. Muhammad Junaid Ali Ahmed Pollock
Hon'ble State Minister, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Hon'ble State Minister, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

The Honourable Muhammad Junaid Ali Ahmed Pollock (Bengali: মোহাম্মদ জুনাইদ আহমেদ পলক, born 17 May 1980, also known as Zuniad Ahmed Palak) is a Bangladeshi lawyer and politician from the Bangladesh Awami League Party and a member of the Parliamentary Treasury Bench. He is the youngest Member of Parliament (MP) in the National Assembly of Bangladesh from his ancestral area of Singra in Natore of Rajshahi. His victory in the National Elections of 2008 at the age of just 28 resulted in him referred to the as the Youngest Lawmaker of Bangladesh.[1]

Born to an aristocratic Muslim family related to the Singranatores, Ahmed was educated at Dhaka College with a MSS and then an LLB, and later became a young lawyer and then advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. His father was also a politician.

In his early twenties, he followed his father's footsteps in politics and became a member of the Bangladesh Awami League party. When he was twenty-eight years old, his rise to power came violently with around hundreds of protesters demanding his election to the seat in front of the Prime Minister's residence. As they approached the building shouting slogans, security guards had requested them to leave. But they stuck to their position, said witnesses. The Police eventually dispersed them by charging with batons.Ahmed and two senior politicians met with the party chief at her private residence to discuss the matter. Emerging after the meeting, he told reporters that the AL chief had ensured him that she would "reconsider the matter". He, however, although claimed he got the party ticket for the constituency for the cancelled Jan 22 election, said he would accept the President's final decision regarding his seat in parliament. The aggravated protesters damaged vehicles around the former Prime Minister's residence.

High influential character, he allegedly sent death threats to neighboring politicians. The wife of a senior politician and mayoral candidate of his constituency was said to have received threats from Ahmed's men regarding nomination matters. Ahmed allegedly supported an acquaintance, whose father was a notorious war criminal during the Great Liberation War of 1971.

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