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Dr. Oli Ahmad Bir Bikram

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Dr. Oli Ahmad Bir Bikram
He is the President of Liberal Democratic Party (Bangladesh).

As a young captain, Oli Ahmad was the first Bengali Military officer to revolt against the Pakistan army on 25 March 1971 (reference Operation Searchlight, content 5.2.1, paragraph 4). He was the first officer to be awarded Bir Bikram for his bravery during the Bangladesh Liberation War. He fought under Major Ziaur Rahman in Sector No. 1. Oli Ahmad is highly regarded as one of the key founding members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

During the turbulent period 1994-96 he was under immense pressure to become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh from both within his party and from the opposition, however, he never gave into temptation.On 26 October 2006, on protest against corruption, misrule and nepotism- Oli and several other senior leaders of BNP defected to form Liberal Democratic Party - LDP. Unlike most other national leaders of Bangladesh, Oli Ahmad has an outstanding record of service to the nation, shining with true patriotism, dedication, sincerity & honesty. He has been elected as a Parliament Member six times.

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