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Mr. A H M Mostafa Kamal

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Mr. A H M Mostafa Kamal
Honorable M.P. : Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (Comilla-9)

Honorable M.P. : Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (Comilla-9)

Chairman : Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Ministry

Chairman : International Cricket Council (ICC) Audit Committee

President : Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)

President : Asian Cricket Council

President & CEO : Lotus Kamal Group

Profile of A H M Mostafa Kamal

Bangladesh cricket enthusiast and Abahani club organiser and ruling Awami League MP A H M Mustafa Kamal, better known as Lotus Kamal is the current president of Bangladesh Cricket Board. The government on Sept 2009 appointed him as the position of BCB president. He took office after 17 years as the chairman of Abahani cricket committee, which made him a popular choice for the coveted post.

Kamal, a Comilla-9 lawmaker also heads the parliamentary standing committee on finance ministry. Along the same line he has furthermore been appointed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to become the Chairman of the ICC's Audit Committee. This is the first time that a representative from the BCB in the ICC and the IDI has been chosen for this prestigious position.

His recent achievement has been a momentous one in the history of Bangladesh Cricket as he successfully accomplished hosting the ICC World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony in February 2011.
Barely 10 years after being given Test status, Bangladesh proudly hosted their biggest sporting event which we can say the most successful and amazing opening ceremony in the cricket history at the renovated Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka in front of 25,000 spectators and millions of cricket lovers watching around the world. Kamal is the president and chief executive officer of Lotus Kamal Group, a business conglomerate involved in a number of business disciplines covering manufacturing, trading, services and real estate sectors. All the business enterprises coming under LK is founded by Mr. AHM Mustafa kamal, FCA, MP who is also the President & CEO of the Group. Mr. Kamal is a brilliant Chartered Accountant who qualified in the year 1970 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan occupying 1st position. After putting in about a decade's service in the profession as a Public Accountant Mr. Kamal started his business career in the year 1981 by establishing his first manufacturing unit title Lotus Engineering Industries Ltd,. a project involved in the manufacturing of jute and textile mills machinery and spares.

The saying goes that behind every successful man is a woman. In Kamal's case, his success can be credited to the three very important women in his life - wife Kashmiri Kamal and daughters Kashfi and Nafisa Kamal. Along with his two daughters he is further strengthened by a pair of young men. his grandsons Aveir and Zahraan. In between frequent family trips aboard and relaxed holidays at home, Kamal catches up on his very valuable family time that finds him playing with his grandsons, watching sports with his daughters, eating out, debating on politics, visiting hometown comillla and entertaining. Politics and Cricket take up most of his personal life and whatever remains is consumed in reading and writing. Kamal is not only an avid reader and writer but is constantly hungry for knowledge in world politics, religion, the english premier league, cricket developments, economic index and current affairs. Kamal is one of Bangladesh's earliest FCAs and a very patriotic sports lover and this strikes a perfect balance between his personal and professional lives.

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