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Ambassador Wali-ur Rahman

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Ambassador Wali-ur Rahman
Senior Government official
Chairman, Heritage Foundation

Name: Ambassador Wali-ur Rahman

Profession: Senior Government official

Affiliation: Former Secretary, MFA

Current Position: Chairman, Heritage Foundation

Date Of Birth:

Place Of Birth:


Executive Director, Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA)

Former Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Special Envoy of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (1997-1998)

Chairman, Bangladesh Heritage Foundation, Governance, Gender, Trafficking, Security and Human Rights Research.

· Sabbatical at Trinity College, Oxford-Dissertation on International Politics and Diplomacy, International Trade and Finance and International Law and law of the   Sea-Under Prof. Alaistair Buchan, Prof. Peter Oppenheimer, and Prof. Ian Brownley , and Late Prof.  O’ Connel as Moderators.

· Resigned from Pakistan Government in 1971 and set up Bangladesh Mission for Bangladesh Govt. in exile was a refugee for 9 months.

· Setup Bangladesh Permanent mission office to the UN in Geneva in January 1972. Served as permanent observer at from 1972 to 1975. Piloted admission of Bangladesh to WHO, UNCTAD, ILO, UPU, GATT, FAO, IAEA, UNIDO, ITU, WMO, Established first contact with Swiss Red Cross, ICRC and League of Red Cross Society.

· Acting Director, Political Legal and Information Department in Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Cabinet of Secretary General Amadan Karim Gaye.

· Ambassador & Deputy permanent representative to United Nations and Security Council. Represented Bangladesh in 34th, 36th 37th, 39th and 40th session of UNGA. Responsible for elected Humayun Rashid Chowdhury as President, UNGA 

· Director General of UN, International Organization, Economic Affairs, Commonwealth Affairs, Research and Policy Planning Division. Also DG for External Publicity, MOFA.

· Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Italy, Switzerland and Tunisia, in addition permanent representative to FAO, WFP and IFAD.

· Visiting Research Fellow Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford for work on a book “Untold Story of a Nation”.

· Served as member of expert group for UN reports on Economic and Social Consequences of Arms Race and Military Expenditure (ESCAR): 4 Reports have been published by UN Secretary General.    

· Served as Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Bangladesh

· Observer in the Presidential Election in Sri-Lanka in 1999.

· Observed Election in Zanziber, Tanzania  as member of the Commonwealth Observer Groups in 2000.  

· Attended Energy South Asia Conference invited by US Energy Dept. in Kathmandu in 2000. 

· Attended Energy and Gas Conference under International Gas Association in Washington DC 2000.


UN: We Believe In

A Decade of Bangladesh in the UN;

Bangladesh and the United Nations

Allume Le Lamp Dorre: Translation of Poems into French

Aryan-Dravidian Synthesis: Fear or Hope (in the works)

Untold Story of a Nation (in works)

Revised Editions of UN: We Believe In (in works)

Translated contemporary Bangla Poems of recognized

Bangla Poets into French. Bangla Academy sponsored it.

Editor of the Journal of International Affairs and Editor of an Anatomy of BILIA Judicial Training with Difference.

Emergence of Bangladesh as the 136th UN member state

Role of superpowers in the shadow of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a Pakistani jail

A Diplomats Diary

Bangla translation of the poems of Yuvteschenko and Pablo Neruda.

Transition to Democracy is being published by the UPL soon

Rites of Passage: Between the Madrassa and Democracy


Life Member, Oxford Union Society 

Member of International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London from 1975.

Associate Member of International Peace Academy, New York.

Member Society for International development (SID) Rome

Life Member, TIB,

Publications and Paper Presentation:

Contributed papers at the Heritage Foundation, Washington DC in 2007 on Bangladesh along with Deputy Asstt. Secretary of State John Gastright and Congressman Joseph Crowley, President, Bangladesh Caucus in 2007.

Addressed International Law Institute (ILI) at Washington DC on anticorruption campaign in Bangladesh-2007.

Contributed paper at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)on Bangladesh in 2007.

Addressed at the Chatham House, London on Bangladesh situation in 2007.

Presented paper on Bangladesh at the National Defense University (NDU) at Washington DC-2008

Presented paper on the strategic impact of climate change in Bangladesh as per the IPCC (IV) Report at the Henry L. Stimson Center-2008, Washington DC.

Was commissioned to Present paper at the IISS Global Strategic Review conference on Transnational Security Threat to Bangladesh and Rise of Islamist Extremism in South Asia in 2007. 

Published papers and write-up in national and international papers.

Prospects for stability in a Unclear Subcontinent, National Institute of Advance Studies, Bangalore,

Regular participants in TV talk shows at home and abroad on issues impinging on national and international affairs including national security.


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