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Mr. Syed Shamsul Haq

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Mr. Syed Shamsul Haq
Poet, Writer and Author
Syed Shamsul Haq is one of the best Bangladeshi poet and writer.

Name: Syed Shamsul Haq

Profession: Poet, Writer, Author



Date Of Birth: December 27, 1935

Place Of Birth: Kurigram, Bangladesh.


Syed Shamsul Haq (born 1935), is one of the best Bangladeshi poets and writers. He was born in Kurigram.


Syed Shamsul Haq was born in a small town called Kurigram (now a district town) on 27 December in 1935. His father was Syed Siddique Husain a homeopathic physician and mother Halima Khatun. His father came to Kurigram to pursue in the practice of medicine. Traditionally they were a peer (saint) family but Haq's father breaking the family tradition studied in the main stream course of English education and then took up Medicine. Haq's grandfather Syed Raisuddin was furious at this audacity of his son.Haq passed his childhood in Kurigram. During his childhood he observed the harshness of Second World War.

Haq married Dr. Anwara Syed Haq (also an outstanding writer in her own right.) They have one daughter, Bidita Sadiq and one son, Ditio Syed Haq. Bidita teaches English literature at higher school level. Ditio, an IT specialist, writes stories, lyrics and music.

An author:

Syed Shamsul Haq writes poetry, fiction, plays- mostly in verse and essays. He is recognized as the leading poet of Bangladesh. In all the medium mentioned above he has broken new grounds. His experiments with forms and the language have given a new direction to Bangla literature.


His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level Bengali literature in Bangladesh.


Ekoda Ek Rajje [1961]

Boishekhe Rochito Ponktimala [1969]

Birotihin Utsob [1969]

Protidhonigon [1976]

Opor Purush [1978]

These are the titles of his first 5 collection of poetry which now stand at 35.

Kobita Samagra (Collected Poems) in 3 Volumes [2007]


Ek Mahilar Chhobi (Portrait of a Woman, 1959)

Anupam Din (Best Days, 1962)

Simana Chhariye (Beyond the Bounds, 1964)

Neel Dangshon (The Blue Sting, 1981)

Smritimedh (Massacre of Memory, 1986)

Mrigayay Kalakshep (Spending Time in Deer Hunting, 1986)

Stabdhatar Anubad (Translation of Silence, 1987)

Ek Juboker Chhayapath (The Milky Way of a Youth, 1987)

Swapna Sankranta (Regarding Dreams, 1989)

Brishti O Bidrohigon (Rain and the Rebels, 1996)

Baro Diner Shishu (A Child of Twelve Days, 1989)

Banabala Kichu Taka Dhar Niyechhilo (Banabala Borrowed Some Money, 1989)

Trahi (Save Our Soul, 1989)

Tumi Sei Tarbari (You are That Sword, 1986)

Kayekti Manusher Sonali Jouban (Golden Youth of a Few Human Beings, 1989)

Shreshtho Uponyas (Best Novels, 1990)

Nirbasita (The Exiled Woman, 1990)

Nishiddha Loban (Forbidden Incense, 1990)

Khelaram Khele Ja (Keep It Up, Kilroy, 1991)

Megh O Machine (Cloud and Machine, 1991)

Iha Manush (This is a Human Being, 1991)

Mahashunye Poran Master (Poran Master in the Space)

Dwitiya Diner Kahini (Story of the Second Day)

Balikar Candrojan (The Girl’s Lunar Vessel)

Ayna Bibir Pala (The Ballad of Ayna Bibi)

Kaldharma (Religion of the Time)

Duratwa (Distance)

Na Jeyo Na (No, Don’t Go)

Onya Ek Alingan (A Different Embrace)

Ek Mutho Janmabhumi (A Fistful of Motherland)

Bukjhim Bhalobasa (Love that Makes the Chest Ache)

Acena (Unknown)

Alor Jonyo (For Light)

Rajar Sundari (The Beautiful Girl of the King)


Tash [1954]

Seet Bikel [1959]

Rokto Golap [1964]

Anondr Mrittu [1967]

Collected Short Stories (2006)


Payer Awaj Paoa Jay

Nuruldiner Sara Jibon

Ekhane Ekhon





Khatta Tamasha

Judhha ebong Judhha

Collected Verse plays

Collected plays


Shakespear's Macbeth


Troilus and Cresida

Ibsen's Pyr Gynt


Bangla Academy Award (1966)

Adamjee Literary Award (1969)

Alakta Gold Medal (1982)

Alaol Literary Award (1983)

Kabitalap Award (1983)

Literary Award of the Association of Women Writers

Ekushey Padak (1984)

Jebunnessa-Mahbubullah Gold Medal (1985)

Padabali Kabita Award (1987)

Nasiruddin Gold Medal (1990)

National Poetry Award (1997)

national Poetry Honour (2001)

TENAS Medal (1990).

Swadhinata Padak (2000)

His son and wife are also famous in different areas of culture.


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