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Ms. Sultana Kamal

General Information
Ms. Sultana Kamal
Human rights worker
She was an adviser to the interim Caretaker government of Bangladesh.

Name: Sultana Kamal

Profession: Human rights worker and politician


Current Position:

Date Of Birth: 1950

Place Of Birth: Dhaka


Sultana Kamal (Bengali: সুলতানা কামাল) is a Bangladeshi human rights worker and politician. She was an adviser to the interim Caretaker government of Bangladesh under chief adviser and president Iajuddin Ahmed. She along with three other advisers resigned after a series of disagreements which included army deployment in the country with the Chief adviser and President Iajuddin Ahmed. She took part in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Early life and education:

Sultana Kamal was born in 1950. Her father was Kamal Uddin Ahmed and mother was famous writer and poet Sufia Kamal. She was enrolled in Leela Nagh’s Nari Shikhkha Mondir. She passed SSC from Azimpur Girls' High School and HSC from Holy Cross College. She received her Master's from Dhaka University.


She started her career as a teacher in the Music College. She passed BCS Examination and joined Bangladesh Tobacco Company. In 1976 she entered in an international voluntary service in Khadimnagar, Sylhet. Again in 1978 she completed her LLB from Dhaka University. She achieved Masters of development studies in Women and Development in Netherlands. Up to 1990 she worked for Vietnamese boat peoples in Hong Kong as a UN legal consultant.


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