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Dr. M. Abdur Razzak

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Dr. M. Abdur Razzak
Food and Disaster Management Minister

Name: Dr. M. Abdur Razzak

Profession: Politician

Affiliation: Bangladesh Awami League

Current Position: Food and Disaster Management Minister

Date Of Birth: 1950

Place Of Birth: Tangail, Bangladesh

Born in Tangail, Food and Disaster Management Minister Dr Abdur Razzak has been involved in politics since his student life. He completed his graduation from Bangladesh Agricultural University in 1971 and did his PhD from Purdue University in the USA in 1983.
A former director of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council, Dr Razzak took part in anti-Ayub movement, six-point movement and 11-point mass movement. He was also jailed for his involvement in such movements.

Dr Razzak, a freedom fighter, was a company commander during the Liberation War. He was the first person to hoist the national flag in Tangail in independent Bangladesh.He was the secretary general of Bangladesh Agronomist Institution in 1996-97. He was also elected a member of parliament from Tangail-1 constituency in the eighth national parliamentary election.

In his electoral pledges in 2009, he said that he would take steps to establish Dhanbari as a full-fledged upazila, bring gas pipeline to the area and meet the demands of indigenous people. 

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