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Dr. Dilip Barua

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Dr. Dilip Barua
Former Minister
Former Minister of Industries



Former Minister of Industries

Name: DilipBarua

Profession: Politician

Affiliation: Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (Marksbadi-Leninbadi)

Current Position: General Secretary

Date Of Birth: February 28, 1949

Place Of Birth: Chittagong, Bangladesh


Former Minister Dilip Barua was born in 28th February, 1949. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (M-L), Central Committee. His father, Dr. Subhankar Barua, is a BSc. MBBS and his mother, Sukhada Barua, is a house wife. His spouse, Professor Tripti Barua M.A, is the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Abudhar Giffari College, Dhaka. He is the proud father of four daughters. All of them are doctors.

He completed his BSc (Hon’s), MSc. in Physics, from the University of Dhaka. He also completed MA, Diploma in Journalism and LLB from the same University.He has a bright and diversified political career. He was elected Assistant Literary Secretary in the College Student’s Union in 1965. He was a leader of the East Pakistan Student Union from 1966-1970 which was a student front of the Communist Party. The Student front was dissolved in 1970 by the Party. He was a member of the Communist Party since 1969 and elected members as Dhaka City Committee of the Party in 1972. He was the President of the Juba Federation (a progressive youth front) during the period 1977-1979. The Party was split (Toaha & Nagen Groups) in 1977 and Mr. Dilip was remained with the group under the leadership of comrade Nagen Sarkar. He was co-opted as a Member of the Central Committee in 1980 and became a member of the Political Bureau in the same year. He re-elected as a member of the political Bureau in the Party’s 4th National congress in 1982.

In 1984 Mr. Dilip was re-elected as the member of the Political Bureau in the Unity Congress of the Samyabadi Dal (M-L) (both Toaha & Nagen Groups). He was placed in charge of the post of General Secretary of the Party. He elected General Secretary of the Party in December, 1987 in the Plenary Session of the Party.He was elected General Secretary of the Party in the Fifth National Congress held on the 19th December to 22nd December, 1989 and reelected as the General Secretary in the sixth National Congress of the Party which was held on 1995. He performed as the Coordinator of PDF (Progressive Democratic Front), 3 times Coordinator of left Democratic Front and Coordinator of the 11 Party alliances.

He visited many countries of the world like-China, Russia, Vietnam, UK, Belgium, South Korea, Cuba to attend different international political Conference & Forum. He visited China in 1987 as a member of the delegation headed by Late Comrade Md. Toaha. He also visited China as the leader of the delegation in 1990 at the invitation of the CPC. In 1996 he visited Russia to attend at the International Juche Conference. He also visited Vietnam to attend at the Asia and Pacific Cuban Solidarity Conference in 1997. He visited London to attend at National Congress of the New Communist Party of Great Britain in 1997. He also visited China in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 as a leader of the political parties’ delegation to attend various conference and convention. He attended the International Conference sponsored by the Worker’s Party of Belgium in Brussels on 1998, 1999, 2001. He also visited Cuba to attend at the International Solidarity Conference in 2001. In 2006, he visited Seoul to attend the 4th Asian Political Party Conference. He visited China in 2007 as the Deputy Leader of the 16 members left party delegation.

Mr. Dilip is one of the architects of 14 party alliances. He played a vital role in formulation of 31 points reforms of Caretaker government and 23 points programmes. He is one of the front line leaders to launch movement against Khaleda Zia and Nizami Government.During his long political career he faced different political oppression and harassment. He was imprisoned in the year 1969 as the student leader, in 1983 as a member of the Political Bureau. He lead underground life for several times on the Political ground.

Before his induction to the cabinet he was the Editor of the Weekly Gana Shakti.

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