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Ms. Matia Chowdhury

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Ms. Matia Chowdhury
Agriculture Minister

Name: Matia Chowdhury

Profession: Politician

Affiliation: Bangladesh Awami League

Current Position: Agriculture Minister

Date Of Birth: June 30, 1942

Place Of Birth: Pirojpur, Bangladesh


Bangladesh Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury was born on June 30, 1942 at Pirjopur district.

As a student of Eden Girls' College in Dhaka she involved herself in student politics, becoming Vice President of the Students' Union in 1963.In 1967, Matia, popularly known as 'Daughter of Fire' joined the East Pakistan Awami Party and became a member of its working committee. Between 1970 and 1971, she was an active participant in the Bangladesh's independence struggle, campaigning, lobbying, and nursing the wounded.

In 1971, she became Organising Secretary of Awami League (AL). She was arrested several times during the period of late president Ziaur Rahman and former president HM Ershad.In 1996, she was elected a lawmaker and took the charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food under the Awami League government.

Matia has pledged to the people of Nakla and Nalitabari to meet the demands of them with highest priority. She would build up Pichhlakuri bridge over Isamati River and permanent step to prevent wild elephants' attack in the hilly areas of Nalitabari.


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