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An amazing data base of documented records for more than 4,000 episodes of Tritiyo Matra - the Political Talk Show on Channel i Bangladesh, which has been continuing its telecast everyday for almost 8 years now. The first ever talk show to be also reproduced on the internet... this is not just a database - but also is a Chronological Tale of Bangladesh!

Episode No. Program Date Topic Guests Duration (H:M:S) Host Comments
78 October 02, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Prof. Md. Shohidul Islam, Mr. Alhaj Md. Tajul Islam Chowdhury 00:59:56 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
77 October 01, 2003 Television and Present Bangladesh Mr. Barrister Nazmul Huda, Mr. Barrister Rokon Uddin Mahmood 00:56:59 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
76 September 30, 2003 Media and Politics Mr. Mahfuz Ullah, Mr. Harun Habib 01:07:47 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
75 September 29, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Noor-E-Alam Chowdhury Liton, Mr. Md. Mozammel Hoq 00:54:36 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
74 September 28, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Md. Nazimuddin Alam, Mr. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak 00:57:39 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
73 September 27, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Mahi B. Chowdhury, Mr. Asaduzzaman Noor 01:05:17 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
72 September 26, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Mr. Tofail Ahmed 01:13:36 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
71 September 25, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. G M Fazlul Hoque, Mr. Prof. Dr. M. Sirajul Akbar 01:03:04 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
70 September 24, 2003 Problems of Bangladesh and it’s Way of Resolutions Mr. Nazrul Islam Khan, Mr. Mahmudur Rahman Manna 01:04:02 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
69 September 23, 2003 Present Politics and Consciousness of Freedom Fighting Mr. K M Obidur Rahman, Mr. Rashed Khan Menon 01:09:06 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
68 September 22, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Mr. Tofail Ahmed 01:13:35 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
67 September 21, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Zafrul Islam Chowdhury, Mr. Sultan Mohd. Monsur Ahmed 01:01:26 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
66 September 20, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Ziaul Haq Zia, Mr. Advocate Md. Rahmat Ali 01:08:14 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
65 September 19, 2003 Current Affairs Mr. Alhaj Salahuddin Ahmed, Mr. Shajahan Khan 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
64 September 18, 2003 Effective Parliament Mr. Md. Monirul Haq Chowdhury, Vice Principal Mr. Md. Abdus Shahid 01:13:12 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
63 September 17, 2003 Trade and Diplomacy of Bangladesh Mr. Professor M. Ferdous Hossain, Mr. Prof. Dr. Kh. Mokaddes Hossain 00:52:25 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
62 September 16, 2003 Present Politics Flow Mr. Kazi Feroz Rashid, Mr. Sheikh Shahidul Islam 01:04:21 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
61 September 15, 2003 Law & Order and Police Force Mr. Barrister Mainul Hossain, Mr. Ashraful Huda 01:14:17 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
60 September 14, 2003 Why the Parliament doesn’t Effective Mr. Barrister Nazmul Huda, MR. Suranjit Sengupta 01:08:35 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
59 September 13, 2003 Why the Parliament doesn’t Effective Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Moni, Mr. Prof. Dr. M A Mannan 00:59:56 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video

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