Tritiyo Matra Episode Records

An amazing data base of documented records for more than 4,000 episodes of Tritiyo Matra - the Political Talk Show on Channel i Bangladesh, which has been continuing its telecast everyday for almost 8 years now. The first ever talk show to be also reproduced on the internet... this is not just a database - but also is a Chronological Tale of Bangladesh!

Episode No. Program Date Topic Guests Duration (H:M:S) Host Comments
5129 August 20, 2017 Mr. Golam Sarwar Milon and Mr. Aliar Hossain 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5128 August 19, 2017 Mr.Brig. Gen. M Sakhawat Hussain (Retd.) Mr. Dr. M. Ataur Rahman Mr.Nurul Kabir, Editor Mr. Barrister Nazmul Huda Mr. AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury Manik Mr. Mizanur Rahman Khan 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5127 August 18, 2017 Mr. Brig. Gen. M Sakhawat Hussain (Retd.) Mr. Dr. M. Ataur Rahman Mr. Nurul Kabir Mr. Barrister Nazmul Huda Mr.AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury Manik and Mr. Mizanur Rahman Khan 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5126 August 17, 2017 Mr. Barrister Shamim Haider Patwary and Mr. Dr. Sinha M A Sayeed 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5125 August 16, 2017 Mr. Noor-e-Alam Siddiqui 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5124 August 15, 2017 Mr. Tofail Ahmed MP 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5123 August 14, 2017 Mr. Professor Dr. Habibul Haque Khondker and Mr. Dr. Chanchal Khan 00:00:00 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5122 August 13, 2017 Mr.Dr. Shahadat Hussain, Mr.Professor Dr. Mamun Ahmed and Mr. M Shoeb Chowdhury 00:59:27 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5121 August 12, 2017 Mr. Barrister Dilara Khandker, Mr.Major Reza Ul Karim (Retd.), Mr. A. K. Faiyazul Huq Razu, Chairman, Mr. Advocate Tanbir Siddiqui 00:57:59 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5120 August 11, 2017 Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman Mohan, Mr. Abdul Ahad Akil and Mr. Md. Asifur Rahman Chowdhury 00:58:13 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5119 August 10, 2017 Mr. Dr. Selim Jahan and Mr. Abdul Haque 00:44:29 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5118 August 09, 2017 Mr. Suvas Singho Roy and Mr. Kazi Siraj 00:58:15 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5117 August 08, 2017 Mr. Saleh Ahmed Teeta and Advocate Dr. Md. Shajahan and Mr. Barrister M Fazlul Karim Mondol 00:58:30 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5116 August 07, 2017 Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman Mohon, Mr. Major Zillur Rahman (Retd.) and Mr. Nasiruddin A Ferdous 00:58:03 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5115 August 06, 2017 Mr. Ataur Rahman and Mr.Habibullah Sirajee 00:48:24 Mr. Faridur Reza Sagor Video
5114 August 05, 2017 Mr. Md. Shahed and Mrs. Syeda Ashifa Ashrafi Papia 00:56:22 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5113 August 04, 2017 Mr. Md. Golam Maula Rony and Mr. Barrister Rumeen Farhana 00:57:06 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5112 August 03, 2017 Mr. Professor Apu Ukil and Mr. Advocate Masud Ahmed Talukder 01:12:43 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5111 August 02, 2017 Mr. Dilip Barua and Mr. Advocate Nitai Roy Chowdhury 00:58:37 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
5110 August 01, 2017 Mr. Professor Dr. C M Shamim and Mr. Professor M Shahiduzzaman, 00:57:58 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video

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