Bangabandhu is a history

Nur-e-Alam Siddiqui said, “Bangabandhu is not only a name, he is a history also. He was the core person of flourishing Bengali Nationalism. He is not only the father of the nation but also the crownless emperor in the minds of people. He placed six-point demand witnessing the deprivation of the people of the then East Pakistan. He firmly said, ‘You must accept the six-point demand at first.’ Through the six-point demand, Bangabandhu became the pioneer of the emancipation of the people of Bangladesh.”
Siddiqui said, “The biggest quality Bangabandhu had was to keep contact with everybody. He did not order anyone directly. He used to listen to us and then summarised our speech. Maulana Bhasani once said ‘I was his leader. Now he is my leader. Bangladesh would be independent under his leadership. Do not lose confidence in him.’”
He also said, “Once at a press conference, renowned journalist David Frost asked Bangabandhu, ‘Mr Prime Minister, what is your qualification?’ Bangabandhu replied with a smile: ‘I love my people,’ David then asked, ‘What is your disqualification?’ Putting off his spectacles and wiping his eyes, he answered, ‘I love them too much.’ Later, David Frost told me that he had taken interviews of many international leaders, but your leader is God gifted.”
In response to a query of the anchor, Siddiqui said, “AL is not a party that has achieved this position treading a path of flowers. Crossing various hurdles, AL has flourished through uniting the nation under a single command. I am fortunate that I spent 17 months in jail with Bangabandhu. His thoughts were fully centered on the emancipation of the people of Bangladesh. He was an affectionate father as well as a farsighted politician.”
Former Bangladesh Chhatra League president Nur-e-Alam Siddiqui made the observation on a TV talk show titled ‘Tritiya Matra’ on Channel i. The show was anchored by Zillur Rahman.
“Those who are now praising Bangabandhu are the very persons who once criticised him severely, terming him an uneducated leader. They used to tell us that ‘Bangabandhu has no intelligence and talent. Why are you accepting him as your leader?’ The same persons now, shining like the sun, have lit up the home of Awami League.”

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