Bangladesh mountaineer Musa Ibrahim, along with two other Indian climbers, is still trapped at the base camp of Mount Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea as second rescue operation was called off due to bad weather early on Sunday. 
The first Bangladeshi conqueror of Mount Everest, Musa Ibrahim, Indian mountaineers Satyarup Siddhanta and Nandita Chandra Shekhar, have been stuck at the base camp of Mount Carstensz Pyramid since June 13 while returning after scaling up the highest summit in Australia and Oceania region.
Musa and others, who went out of food, luckily found some food left behind by other mountaineers, were still living until Sunday, but the battery of Satyarup
Siddhanta’s mobile, through which they were communicating, was discharging fast, said Foreign Affairs state minister Mohammed Shahriar Alam in his Facebook status.
‘We got left over food at the mountain and we are surviving,’ Musa’s wife, Sharaban Tahura, quoted a text message she received on her phone from Musa.
The second attempt to rescue the three by a chartered helicopter was called off at about 8:00am Bangladesh Time due to bad weather, Musa’s wife said.
Sharaban said a helicopter of the private tour operator is likely to take fresh attempt on Monday to rescue the three if weather favours.
Sharaban called up the Bangladesh Embassy in Indonesia to manage an army helicopter that could be able to operate amid bad weather.
On June 17 the first rescue mission by a helicopter was also called off due to rough weather, Sharaban said quoting a text message sent by Musa.
On May 30, Musa left Dhaka for his new expedition ‘Bangladesh-India Friendship’ to scale up Carstensz Pyramid. 
Musa, Satyarup Siddhanta and Nandita Shekhar began the expedition on June 1 and were expected to finish by June 18.
After conquering the mountain on June 13, the three came down to the base camp safely. But they stuck there due to bad weather. Later Nandita fall sick and they got stuck there on June 13 and later faced starvation.
State minister Shahriar Alam, in a Facebook status at about 1:30pm on Sunday, said rescue operation in the morning was not successful.
‘Heli[copter] supposed to come in morning but failed as started late, weather went bad comm. device will be out of charge shortly,’ Shahriar posted a text message on is Facebook page.
He also said in his page that ASEAN authorities and Indian embassy in Indonesia was working with the Bangladeshi officials to carry out rescue operation. 


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