Bangladesh Nationalist Party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday claimed that ‘autocratic regime of HM Ershad’ was comparatively better than the incumbent Awami League government.
‘Autocrat Ershad was not so bad. At least he had a minimum sense of courtesy that he would not open fire on a public gathering ... so he had resigned,’ Fakhrul said at a discussion.
‘Whereas you [the Awami League] count how many people you have killed, you cannot complete the counting,’ he said. 
Fakhrul made the remarks addressing a discussion at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity organised by Dhaka University Central Student Union of 1990 and the then All Party Student Unity to mark the 27th anniversary of the fall of autocratic ruler HM Ershad.
Presided over by 1990 DUCSU vice-president Amanullah Aman, now BNP chairperson’s adviser, the discussion was also addressed, among others, by former student leaders and presently BNP leaders Shamsuzzaman Dudu, Habibur Rahman Habib, Khairul Kabir Khokon and Nazimuddin Alam. 
Fakhrul cautioned the government that there any ‘hanky-panky’ over holding the next general election without a neutral government and neutral Election Commission would bring no good.
He said that Bangladesh was now facing a big crisis and people’s existence, democracy, independence, sovereignty and security of people were at stake.
Fakhrul said Awami League afraid of election under a neutral government knowing that there would be no existence of them.
Now autocracy and fascism are crushing democracy under their feet, he said.
He said people of all professions were subjected to enforced disappearance for the past six to seven years and recently a former ambassador disappeared. 
Earlier at a briefing at BNP central office, Fakhrul said that BNP was ready to contest general election even ‘tomorrow’ but that must be held under a neutral government and neutral election commission.
Replying to a question, he welcomed the new alliance styled United Front led by Bikalpadhara Bangladesh president AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury and expressed hope that the alliance, comprising four parties, would play its role in the restoration of democracy.
Asked whether BNP has any chance to form election alliance with Jatiya 
Party led by Ershad, he said that in parliamentary democracy nothing was impossible.
About contesting the mayoral by-election in Dhaka north City Corporation, Fakhrul said that it was not decided in party forum. BNP has been contesting local government elections to prove that fair election is not possible under the present government, he added. 

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