Government committee formed to investigate allegations of question leak in the ongoing Secondary School Certificate examinations will submit its recommendations, including one regarding if the exam would be cancelled or not, at the end of the exam.
Investigation committee members, talking to New Age on Monday, also said that they held their first meeting on Sunday and would hold another meeting on February 18 to review whether the questions of exams held so far were correct or not.
‘We will put forward our recommendations including whether the question paper leak rumours are true or not and subsequently regarding cancellation of exams after reviewing all the allegations,’ education ministry deputy secretary and member secretary of the investigation committee Abu Ali Md Shazzad Hossain told New Age on Monday.
‘We do not want to divert attention of examinees from their exams, so we will submit our recommendations one or two days before completion of the written exams or a day after the exam,’ he said.
The committee will make recommendations based on which the government will decide whether the exams will be taken given again or not, which has left the examinees and their guardians worrying about the fate of the ongoing exams amid allegations of question leak every day.
Rapid Action Battalion on Monday arrested two more people in connection with question leak in Chittagong.
The government on the day banned the use of mobile phones within 200 metres of the exam centres, when question leak has become a regular phenomenon during the ongoing SSC exam.
After facing a huge criticism from all quarters, 
especially from the social media users, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission on Monday backtracked from its decision to slow internet speed for two hours and a half ahead of SSC exams to prevent spread of paper leak.
Prior to the beginning of SSC exam on February 1, education minister Nurul Islam Nahid and secondary and higher education secretary Sohrab Hossain on a number of occasions said that exams would be cancelled if allegation of question leak was found to be true.
Written exams would complete on February 25.
Widespread allegations of question leak in each and every SSC exam so far held forced the Ministry of Education to form an eleven-member committee on February 4 to monitor and investigate the allegations of question leak in examinations. 
Guardians said that question of Bangla first paper exam on February 1, Bangla second paper on February 3, English first paper on February 5, English second paper on February 07, religion and moral studies on February 8, mathematics on February 10 and information and communication education on February 11 were posted at different social media sites well ahead of exams which matched the actual question paper given to examinees at the halls.
An investigation committee member said that they in their first meeting on Sunday started to review newspaper reports regarding the allegations of question leak and see the social media sites. The committee in its second meeting would further review topics including allegations of question leak of exam held so far.
‘Operators have blocked 300 mobile phone connections, which are suspected to have been used to circulate leaked questions,’ said a committee member.
Meanwhile, education ministry on Monday forwarded a directive banning the use of mobile phones within 200 meter of exam centre, which was signed by Abu Ali Md Shazzad Hossain on Sunday.
The directives said that although all students were asked to take their seat 30 minute ahead of an exam, many were found entering the hall violating the directives.
RAB members arrested Md Imran, 18, and Md Nurul Absar Sabuj, 20, for their involvement in leaking question paper of the SSC exam from Dabua Bazar of Raozan in Chittagong on Sunday night, lieutenant colonel Ashiqur Rahman, company commander of RAB 7, told reporters. 
With these two, law enforcers so far have arrested 50 people for their suspected involvement in question leak.
BTRC chairman Shahjahan Mahmood on 
Monday said that they changed their decision to slow the internet speed as it did not work. 
In the backdrop of widespread question leak, BTRC on Sunday asked broadband and mobile phone operators to keep internet speed slow for two hours and a half starting at 8:00am from Sunday until the end of SSC exams. 

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