Tritiyo Matra Episode 7074
December 14, 2022

Episode: 7074, Date: 14.12.2022 Guests: Yasir Azman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Grameenphone and Mamun Rashid, Economic Analyst Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7073
December 13, 2022

Episode: 7073, Date: 13.12.2022 Guests: Professor Abu Sayeed, Former Information State Minister and Major General AMSA Amin (Retd.), President, Noitik Samaj Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7072
December 12, 2022

Episode: 7072, Date: 12.12.2022 Guests: M Humayun Kabir, Former Ambassador & Diplomatic Analyst and Dr. Badiul Alam Majumder, Secretary, SHUJAN Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7071
December 11, 2022

Episode: 7071, Date: 11.12.2022 Guests: Rashed Khan Menon MP, Former Minister and President, Worker's Party of Bangladesh and Nurul Kabir, Editor, The New Age Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7070
December 10, 2022

Episode: 7070, Date: 10.12.2022 Guests: Sheikh Shahidul Islam, Former Minister & Secretary General, Jatiyo Party (JP), Nitai Roy Chowdhury, Former Minister & Vice Chairman, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Dr. M Enamul Haq, Former IGP, Former Member, Law Commission & Visiting Expert, United Nations Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7069
December 09, 2022

Episode: 7069, Date: 09.12.2022 Guests: M A Mannan MP, Minister, Ministry of Planning and Abdul Awal Mintoo, Vice Chairmen, BNP & Former President, Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FBCCI) Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7068
December 08, 2022

Episode: 7068, Date: 08.12.2022 Guests: Kazi Firoz Rashid MP, Former Minister & Co-Chairman, Jatiya Party and Major Muhammad Akhtaruzzaman (Retd.), Former MP Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7067
December 07, 2022

Episode: 7067, Date: 07.12.2022 Guests: Ahmed Hossain, Organizing Secretary, Bangladesh Awami League and Barrister Andaleive Rahman (Partho), Former MP & Chairman, Bangladesh Jatiyo Party (BJP) Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7066
December 06, 2022

Episode: 7066, Date: 06.12.2022 Guests: Dilip Barua, Former Minister & General Secretary, Bangladesh Shammyobadi Dal and Muzahidul Islam Selim, Former President, Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) Full Episode:

Tritiyo Matra Episode 7065
December 05, 2022

Episode: 7065, Date: 05.12.2022 Guests: Nurjahan Begum Mukta, Former MP, Bangladesh Awami League and Nilofer Chowdhury Moni, Former MP, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Full Episode: