Dhaka has moved one notch up in the Global Liveability Index of The Economist Intelligence Unit and now ranks the 3rd  worst liveable city next to war-ravaged  Damascus and Lagos.

In 2018, Dhaka was adjudged the 2nd worst liveable city among 140 cities of the world.

Austrian capital Vienna for the 2nd consecutive time was adjudged as the most liveable city due to its stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Vienna scored 100marks in each category except for  scoring 96.30 marks in culture and environment.

Dhaka scored 55 in stability, 29.2 in healthcare, 40.5 in culture and environment, 41.7 in education and 26.8 in infrastructure.

In 2018, Dhaka scored 50 in stability, 29.2 in healthcare, 40.5 in culture and environment, 41.7 in education and 26.8 in infrastructure.

Bangladesh Institute of Planners general secretary Adil Mohammad Khan told New Age that he found nothing to be happy about Dhaka moving one notch up in the EIU Index.

Dhaka residents know the state in which the Bangladesh capital is in and therefore, they don’t need to see EIU Index, Adil said.

He said that pollution, water supply quality and commuting service made life miserable for the Dhakaias.

He said that the EIU Index did not take into its consideration the quality of service provided by hospitals it considers only the number of hospitals.

Dhaka would get less marks due to the current Dengue outbreak, he said.

Jahangirnagar University urban planning professor Adil thinks that due to flawed plans and failure to implementation of plans the situation was deteriorating in the country’s capital.

‘Dhaka’s liveability will not improve until and unless integrated development plans were taken,’ he said.

Urban planners blamed unplanned development, absence of good governance,

housing crisis, water-stagnation, poor drainage and waste management, inadequate health care facilities for Dhaka’s sordid living conditions.

The research and analysis division of The Economist Group, a sister concern of The Economist magazine, prepares the index.

This year, Dhaka scored 39.20 out of 100 while 38 in 2018.

Melbourne was adjudged the 2nd most liveable city in the world scoring  98.10 out of 100 while Sydney ranked 3rd most liveable city and  Osaka became the 4th most liveable city.

War ravaged Tripoli scored 40.40 took the 137th place that is one notch better than Dhaka.

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