WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange returns home a free man

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange returned home to Australia to start life as a free man on Wednesday after admitting he revealed ..

‘Intense phase of war with Hamas about to end,’ focus to shift to Lebanon border, Netanyahu says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the “intense phase of the war with Hamas (in Gaza) is about to end,”

EU and China set for talks on planned electric vehicle tariffs

China and the European Union have agreed to start talks on the planned imposition of tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles..

Gunmen kill police, priest in attacks on places of worship in Russia’s Dagestan

Gunmen opened fire on places of worship in two cities of Russia’s southernmost Dagestan province on Sunday, killing..

China is watching warily as Putin and Kim forge new ‘alliance’

As Russian President Vladimir Putin glided through the crowd-lined streets of Pyongyang atop a luxury Mercedes-Benz..

China Media Group launches Al productions

China Media Group has embarked on an extraordinary journey towards merging Al technology with media,..

Trump stares down first derailment of his campaign-to-courthouse strategy

For days, Donald Trump’s fury over the requirement to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in bond money..

Kate’s cancer revelation throws royal family into fresh turmoil

The announcement from Catherine, Princess of Wales that she has started chemotherapy for cancer ..

133 killed in Moscow attack

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday vowed to punish those behind a ‘barbaric terrorist attack’ ..

Kim Jong-un wraps up 2023 with fresh threats of attack on Seoul

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wrapped the year with fresh threats of a nuclear attack on Seoul and orders..