Charleston church shooter hears victim's kin say, 'I forgive you'

CNN)—Dylann Roof heard words of forgiveness from families of some of the nine people he's accused of killing. His response: A blank expression. Wearing a striped inmate jumpsuit, the 21-year-old appeared Friday afternoon by video feed at a bond hearing in Charleston, South Carolina. He stood motionless while listening to the anguished words of relatives of victims he gunned down Wednesday night at a Bible study class at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. "I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you," a daughter of victim Ethel Lance said. "And have mercy on your soul. You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people but God forgives you, and I forgive you."

Call it terrorism in Charleston

The horrific attack at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, was allegedly carried out by a young white man who appeared to have deliberately targeted the church simply because it was serving African-Americans.

Beijing: Island building in South China Sea 'almost complete'

China's foreign ministry says it will soon complete controversial land reclamation on some islands and reefs in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

U.S.-Russia military tit for tat raises fears of greater conflict

The war of words between America and Russia is escalating. So, too, is the movement of implements of war -- from U.S. fighter jets to Russian nuclear weapons.

Source: Multiple fatalities in shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston

An official close to the investigation told CNN there are multiple fatalities inside the church. The source said there are several bodies in the church that have not yet been identified.

Jeb Bush's campaign website contains a 'Die Hard' surprise

There is a surprise buried deep in the source code of Jeb Bush's campaign website, which went live on Monday as the former Florida governor announced he was running for president.

Is Hong Kong's fight for democracy in its final round?

Could Hong Kong's fight for democracy be entering its final round?Six months after the end of the massive "Occupy" protests that paralyzed the city's streets last fall, another pivotal confrontation is brewing in the former British colony. It comes down to a Beijing-backed bill that could decide Hong Kong's future.

Air Force may send F-22s to Europe over Russia 'threat'

The U.S. Air Force could be sending some of its most advanced warplanes to Europe in a show of force against Russian actions in Ukraine and elsewhere around the continent, the service's top civilian said Monday.

Sudan's leader leaves South Africa before court orders arrest

CNN)—Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a man accused of war crimes and genocide, has left South Africa one step ahead of the law.