Some Question on Your "Performance"

“As the year approaches an end, let us look back at the year’s events and try to recognize the key performers of year…”

We have become quite used to hearing similar expressions during every year end, as we see some of our friends, especially the ones in journalism, working really hard to provide us a review on the performance of our country, as well as some people, who have deeply impacted our nation’s progress during the past year.
We do understand that the objective behind such effort is to help us recognize the gaps between our desired and actual state, and identify areas of our key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, so that we are able to utilize our learning from the past, to optimize our decisions and prioritize our actions to increase our chances of achieving better results in the coming year(s).
While we might even realize the importance of these, but unfortunately we are yet to see such initiatives drawing much attention and interest of the common people, or being considered seriously by the key decision makers of the nation.

So this year, when we thought of doing a Year Review, we wondered “Why are we, the people (primarily for whom such reviews are produced) so reluctant, indifferent or ignorant about using these reviews?” To find out, we initiating a simple exploratory survey, and asked a number of questions to our respondents (35 randomly chosen adult Bangladeshi citizens)

This initial survey revealed a variety of possible reasons which were truly astonishing for us, and we knew we had to dig in further before we could share our quantitative findings. But, presence of some common elements also reflected a general psychological perception of the people, from which a qualitative summary of our findings could be outlined. 

check your fundamental rights now!


 See some of the questions we asked our respondents -


1.   Did you ever think you had anything to do with that? Except for looking at the “Top 10” type results, as an entertainment when published in a newspaper, magazine or digital media?

2.   Did you ever wonder who are the evaluators or judges and how they do it? Even if they are the so called “intellectuals” (good for giving you expert analysis) do you think they are the best fit for a nation’s performance evaluation? Why or why not?

3.   Did it ever occur to you whether it could be “you” who should be evaluating your country’s growth or performance of the people assigned to look after its well being?

4.   Did you ever realize it might be “only you” as “The people” of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, who has proper rights to evaluate, judge, rate or express opinion on anyone at the national/ public levels?

5.   Did you ever finalized the one’s of the nation the site include one’s currently judging or publishing performance, that can not be true, until your evaluation is been included?

6.   Do you know who you are? and what enormous powers you have?

7.   Do you really know your fundamental rights in the nation? Or have you been guessing only?

8.   Would you like to provide your comment and judgment on the performance of the people you have chosen for our country?

9.   Would you mind telling what would you like to have or don’t like to have, in your country?

10.  Would you want your recommendations been acted upon?

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