Country flooded by drugs

Country flooded by drugs

The JP leader said, “All the parks of Dhaka city are safe havens for the drug peddlers and addicts. The drugs are sold at nearby places. Police are well aware of it, but do not arrest anybody. Mahanagar Natyamancha in Gulistan turns into a place of gathering of drug addicts after evening. About one thousand drug abusers gather here everyday.”

Kazi Firoz also said, “The girl who killed her parents was a student of an English medium school at Dhanmondi named Oxford International School. There are many allegations against this school.”

In response to a query of the anchor, he said, “Today boys and girls are addicted to Yaba or Phensidyl. There is an organisation called Narcotics Control Department. But what do they do? Drug is being smuggled through Teknaf border using cars tagged with sticker of parliament. It is alleged that a local lawmaker is involved with the drug smuggling. What can the police do then? Police cannot search a car bearing the sticker of the parliament. These stickers were not used during Ershad’s tenure. Good wine needs no bush. Using this sticker should be prohibited.”

Kazi Firoz said, “Drug peddling and drug abuse would disappear from the country if the Prime Minister today says, ‘I want to destroy all the sources of drugs by tonight’, or if she tells the home minister: ‘I am giving you an opportunity tonight. It does not matter whether you arrest ten thousand or one thousand people, but I don’t want to see a single drug addict outside. Even if the addict is an activist of my party, you will arrest him. Otherwise you will lose your cabinet post in the morning.’”Jatiya Party presidium member and former minister Kazi Firoz Rashid made the observation on a TV talk show titled ‘Tritiya Matra’ on Channel i on Thursday night. Politician ASM Firoz also took part in the show anchored by Zillur Rahman.

“The country has been flooded by drugs. The ruling party goons are bringing the drugs to the capital using different routes. Law enforcement agencies are also involved in the process. If they did not provide the opportunity, none would be able to supply, peddle or take drugs.”He also said, “Many city dwellers come to this park regularly for an evening walk. Police sit idle on one side while drugs are being sold on the other side. Cannot the home minister order the police to take action against the drug peddlers?”