Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday described the attack on the motorcade of her party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir as ‘a proof that Awami League has been staging all the incidents of terrorism, chaos and anarchy in the country’.
Addressing an iftar party, Khaleda, a former prime minister, said, ‘Everybody witnessed how Awami League leaders and activists unleashed attack on the BNP leaders.’
Khaleda said, ‘I want to know how many people have so far been arrested following the attack on the secretary general.’ She alleged that BNP leaders and activists were arrested implicating them in false cases even if they did nothing wrong.
‘How would other people feel secured when the BNP is not safe under the rule of Awami League,’ she said, demanding immediate arrest of the perpetrators and their punishment.
The BNP secretary general’s motorcade came under attack at Rangunia in Chittagong around 10:30am on Sunday on their way to Rangamati to see the landslide-affected people. 
‘Awami League has become afraid sensing that they [AL] have no future if BNP and its alliance joined the next polls. So they [AL] are resorting to such evil activities in various places to keep the BNP and its allies away from election,’ Khaleda told the iftar party hosted by a faction of Jatiya Party, a component of the BNP-led alliance, at a restaurant in Dhaka. 
JP acting chairman TIM Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury presided over the pre-iftar discussion.
Khaleda also alleged that the ruling party activists had foiled BNP’s iftar parties in different places of the country.
She warned that none [opposition parties] would join the election if it was held keeping Awami League and Sheikh Hasina in power. ‘Such an election would not be allowed to take place in the country,’ she said.
She reiterated that the framework of an ‘election-conducive government’ would be revealed after the Eid, insisting that the election would have to take place under a neutral government.
‘Apart from Awami goons, the incumbent subservient Election Commission will try to make Awami League victorious, if election is held under the Awami League,’ she argued. 
The BNP chief said that all the political parties and the people would have to get united against AL to oust them from power through a peaceful movement for holding an election under a neutral government.
In a press statement, Khaleda said that that the AL had resorted to ‘hooliganism’ in order to hold on to power.
She added that the motorcade was attacked to divert public attention from the people’s anger against the ruling party following landslides in the hills. 


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