Jeb Bush's campaign website contains a 'Die Hard' surprise

There is a surprise buried deep in the source code of Jeb Bush's campaign website, which went live on Monday as the former Florida governor announced he was running for president.

The website's source code contains, of all things, written synopses of all five "Die Hard" movies, along with a few other inside jokes that were likely inserted by the website's developers.

A website's source code is essentially a set of instructions that determine page layout, image display and website functionality. It's written in a computer language -- in this case, javascript -- and often runs for thousands of lines.

The "Die Hard" references were first noticed by Jeremy Bowers of the New York Times, who tweeted that it "seemed like an odd thing" to include in a presidential announcement page.

Here's a small sample: "At the fictional Nakatomi Plaza, East German terrorists break in and take the celebrants hostage. McClane escapes detection and hides throughout the building. He kills off the gang and learns their real aim, to steal millions in bearer bonds from the building vault."

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