Nagarik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna on Friday demanded the disclosures of probe reports into the share market scam and Bangladesh Bank reserve heist.

Speaking at a meeting of his party representatives in the capital, he said the failure of the disclosures would prove that the government’s so called zero tolerance against corruption was a ‘hoax’.

‘Disclose the probe reports by 48 hours, or else it would be proved that your so called zero tolerance stance against corruption is a hoax,’ Manna said addressing the government. ‘We are not believing you.’

Manna said government was just exposing ‘tail ends of a long rope’ of corruption by arresting some councilors and lower tier leaders of Awami League.

‘Disclose the wealth information of MPs and ministers before the public…We want to see if the wealth of MPs and ministers increased in the past 11 years of the Awami League government,’ he said.

Manna said Awami League came to power in a corrupt way of ‘midnight vote fraud’ and it should step down to redeem its ‘sins’.

‘Step down or you have to meet the fate of ousted Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak and Pakistani ruler Ayub Khan,’ he said.

He also announced a rally to protest against the government’s acts in the National Press Club on November 8. Afterwards, the party would go for street rallies instead of indoor protests in mid-November, he said.

The party would also arrange Victory Rally to celebrate Victory Day on December 16 and. It would also hold rally protesting against the December 30 elections later, said Manna.

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