Education minister Dipu Moni on Sunday assured that the Jahangirnagar University vice-chancellor Professor Farzana Islam would be removed if the allegations against her were found true and correct.

JU philosophy professor Rayhan Rhyne told this after emerging from a meeting with the minister at her house in Dhaka at night.

The meeting between the representatives of the agitators pressing for removal of the vice-chancellor with the minister began at about 8:30pm and ended at about 10:15pm.

Rayhan Rhyne, spokesperson of Jahangirnagar against Corruption, said the meeting with the minister was very effective and the environment was cordial.

He appreciated the move of the ministry and hoped that it would open up the way for resolving the crisis.

He also said that during the discussion some decisions were made.

The minister said that she would meet with students and she asked the agitators to submit a written complaint against the vice-chancellor.

Rayhan Rhyne also said that they would continue their strike today and would have a meeting with student leaders to decide on future programmers.

Earlier, the agitators confirmed that the education ministry had requested them to meet with the minister over the deadlock in the university. Agitators, under the banner of Jahangirnagar against Corruption continued their strike on the campus pushing it to a total halt for the ninth consecutive days to press their demand.

Agitators laid siege to the new and old administrative buildings from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Sunday.

They also blocked examination controller’s office.

They brought out a procession from the old administrative building which paraded different city roads.

Meanwhile, the Transparency International Bangladesh has urged the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the allegations of irregularities and corruption against JU vice chancellor Farzana Islam in development project of the university through a press release on Sunday.

It also urged Farzana Islam to resign from her post for fair investigation.

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