The Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday interrogated suspended Juba League leader Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan and controversial contactor GK Shamim separately over their alleged accumulation of illegal wealth.

Separate teams of ACC sleuths interrogated Khaled Mahmud on the first day of seven day remand and GK Shamim for the second day of seven day remand, said ACC public relations officer Pranab Kumar Bhattacharjee.

He said that they were interrogated for several hours at the interrogation cell at ACC head office.

On October 20, the commission filed two cases against GK Shamim, his mother Ayesha Akter and Khaled Mahmud allegedly for  accumulating illegal wealth.

ACC said that GK Shamim and his mother Ayesha Akter had been sued for accumulating illegal wealth worth of Tk 297 crore while suspended Juba League Dhaka south city unit organising secretary Khaled had been sued for amassing illegal wealth worth of Tk 5.58 crore.

According to the first information report, in his income tax return for fiscal 2018-19, GK Shamim showed that he owned immoveable properties worth Tk 40.21 crore though he owned properties worth Tk 50 crore. He also failed to show the source of his income.

In the same year’s tax return, GK Shamim showed that he owned his moveable properties worth Tk 38.69 crore but did not show the sources of making properties worth Tk 36.35 crore, the said the FIR.

The commission found that GK Shamim’s business firm GKB Company and Private Limited was worth around Tk 43.57crore. GK Shamim is own 80 per cent shares of the company while his mother Ayesha owns the remaining 20 per cent.

The commission did not find no legal source of income of Shamim’s mother, the FIR said.

The FIR against Khalid said that he had  amassed wealth worth of Tk 5.58 crore through illegal casino and other illegal businesses.

The commission found some business entities including a real estate company in Khalid’s name.

On September 20, the RAB detained Juba League leader GK Shamim with a huge amount of cash and fixed deposit receipts and seven bodyguards at his Niketan office in the capital.

The RAB seized Tk 165 crore fixed deposit receipts and Tk 1.8 crore in cash and foreign currencies from GK Shamim’s office.

On September 18, the RAB arrested Khalid, also president of Fakirerpool Youngmen’s Club, at Gulshan for running an illegal casino in the club.

On September 30, the ACC launched an inquiry to detect the illegal wealth of the people involved in the unauthorised casino operations and other illegal businesses.

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