The leftists are the catalyst or heroes of mass movement of the country, but they failed to take the lead of the movements due to strong mass organisations, observed Dhaka University emeritus professor Serajul Islam Choudhury on Monday.

‘There is nothing to be worried about the future of socialism. In our country social ownership should be ensured in place of private property,’ he said.

‘Leftists should take main role in ensuring social ownership and for that they should build up organisations and wage movements,’ Professor Serajul Islam said during Nazmul Karim Memorial Lecture at RC Majumdar Arts Auditorium of Lecture Theatre in Dhaka University.

This year the title of the lecture was ‘success and failure of the left and communist movements in Purba Bangla (1947-1971).’

Nazmul Karim Study Centre of Dhaka University hosted the lecture.

Chairman of the centre Nehal Karim gave welcome speech at the programme.

Former Dhaka University professor and economist Mahbub Ullah, delivered the lecture where he said the communist parties of our country played significant role in the movements with some failures, which were not trivial.

‘We got their success in the Tebhaga Movement, language movement of 1952, Jukta Front election in 1954, anti-Ayub movements in 1962, education movement in 1962 , mass movement in 1969 and in organising resistance in the war of independence

in 1971,’ he said.

The failures were division of the movement under Moscow and Peking groups, maintenance of less discipline by the Peking followers inside the party etc., he added.

‘They also failed to identify the main contradiction in society and followed the political line of Charu Majumder without considering reality of our country and society,’ Mahbub Ullah added.

They also failed to establish relationship with the pro-people leader Maulna Bhashani, who was well accepted as the trusted friend of the people.

On the other hand, the Moscow followers maintained the ideals of Awami League and lost their originality, Mahbub Ullah said.

‘The necessity of socialism has not ended yet as it is essential for establishing a repression-free society. The left and communist forces of our country should struggle for such a society,’ he also said.

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