Jahangirnagar University protesters – students and teachers – on Friday said that it was the responsibility of government agencies to look into the corruption allegations they had raised against the university’s vice-chancellor.

It should not be an offence to demand investigation into the alleged irregularities and corruptions, said a protester on the campus, urging vice-chancellor Farzana Islam to prove her innocence.


Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said that those who were creating anarchy in universities after bringing corruption allegations against their vice-chancellors, would have to face legal action if they failed to prove the allegations.

Responding to the prime minister’s warning, Professor Sayed Ferdous of anthropology department said, ‘The PM can give a speech from her perspective. If she thinks that the movement has been instigated by others she should have this, too, investigated.’

Terming unacceptable the PM’s remark on taking action against the protesters, he said, ‘There is no such law that if anyone brings any allegations against any person, they have to prove it. It is the business of the state to look into the matter.’

Professor Mirza Taslima Sultana of the same department, another protester, said, ‘We are not an intelligence agency, the state has many intelligence agencies and if they want they can unveil the truth. We are engaged in our classroom activities and doing research.’

‘We can just help the government by providing some evidence if they ask for it,’ she added.   

Professor Rayhan Rhyne, the coordinator of the movement against corruption at the university, expressed deep concern as he found the government reluctant to form a body to look into the allegations against the vice chancellor.

 Professor Rayhan said that they had enough information and evidence to prove the graft complaint against Farzana Islam.

‘At the beginning of the movement, we were demanding a fair investigation. But the vice-chancellor rejected our demand in the September 12 meeting with us as she knew that she would have to quit if a fair investigation was done,’ he added.

 Shovon Rahman, Samajtantrik Chhatra Front JU unit organising secretary, said, ‘We have been urging Professor Farzana Islam to prove her innocence through a fair investigation. But she does not have the moral courage.’

Shovon alleged that she rather provoked Bangladesh Chhatra League activists to launch attacks on protesters on Tuesday. 

Ariful Islam Anik, Bangladesh Chhatra Union JU unit secretary, said, ‘We have been demanding removal of the vice-chancellor since September 20 while earlier we had demanded a fair investigation which she rejected.’

‘Her reluctance to form an investigation body indicates that she might be involved in occupation. We think that if the investigation is carried out fairly, the involvement of the VC will come to light,’ he added.

The protesters expressed the hope that a fair investigation would be initiated to unveil the truth.

A section of teachers and students continued their protests on the campus for the fourth day in a row on Friday defying the orders of the university authorities.

Following the attack on protesters allegedly by BCL activists, the university was closed for an indefinite period on November 5 and a ban was slapped on protests.  

Jahangirnagar University’s teachers, students, guardians, and alumni rally in front of National Museum in Dhaka demanding removal and punishment of the university vice-chancellor Farzana Islam on Friday. — New Age photo

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