Not thinking about lockdown in Bangladesh now: Momen

Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Sunday said that the government was not thinking about lockdowns in Bangladesh at this moment but will follow the same procedures keeping passengers limited in all types of transports.

The foreign minister said that they would discourage travels through Bangladesh-India on health safety grounds.

‘Even, there’re travels through borders; there should be more health safety measures. Hopefully, we’ll be able to protect our people,’ Momen said. 

The foreign minister made the remarks while talking to reporters after the formal inauguration of booster Covid-19 vaccine doses for the diplomats stationed in Dhaka at Sheikh Russel Gastroliver Institute and Hospital in Dhaka.

Momen said that he was very delighted that they could arrange this special vaccination programme for all the diplomats in Dhaka and their dependents. ‘Our programme is an ongoing one.’

He said the government has got a lot of competencies in terms of vaccination though initially they had ‘some difficulties’ in terms of vaccines’ supply.

‘We’re very thankful that so many countries came forward and those countries have been donating vaccine doses under the COVAX facility,’ said the foreign minister.

He said they have plenty of vaccines’ supply and till today they have around 310 million vaccines lined up. ‘So, we’re okay. Hopefully, we’ll provide vaccines to every individual.’

The government has a plan to cover 80 percent of people with Covid-19 vaccination including 12 years and plus students.

Talking about the booster vaccine doses, the foreign minister said, ‘I’m so glad we could manage it. It has been possible because of our partnership and cooperation.’

He said this particular pandemic is such a thing that they cannot handle it alone. ‘We’ve to manage this challenge through partnership and collaboration. I’m very thankful that so many countries came forward to help us.’

Momen said that the government was trying its best but still had a long way to go as a new variant ‘Omicron’ emerged.

‘So far we’re okay but we must protect ourselves. I would ask everyone to maintain health and safety measures as much as you can,’ he added.

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