CMP imposes restrictions on 31st night celebration

Chattogram Metropolitan Police imposed 13 restrictions, including no ‘DJ party and alcohol bars’ on 31st night or New Year’s Eve.

The Ctg Police also restricted all kinds of gatherings at Patenga and Parki beaches in the port city, a media release sent by the CMP on Saturday night said.

The CMP is committed to upholding the law and order situation on the 31st night, and they have taken adequate security measures, it reads.

Check-posts have been set up at different spots alongside deployment of police personnel in churches, hotels, clubs and entertainment centers across the city.

In addition, patrolling by police has been strengthened. Special arrangements of traffic police and intelligence surveillance in plainclothes will remain in force.

According to the restrictions, no gathering or celebration can be held on roads, flyovers, rooftops and public places on 31st night.

There can be no dancing, singing or any other cultural programmes to celebrate the New Year at open places.

No fireworks or paper lanterns are allowed. Tourists won’t be allowed to stay on Patenga and Parki beach areas from 6:00pm on Sunday night till 10:00am on January 1, 2024.

All licensed bars and liquor shops will remain closed for 12 hours from 6:00pm on Sunday night.

Hotel owners have been asked not to rent out space or rooms for DJ party on 31st night and any kind of activity that disrupts public peace and discipline should be avoided.

The CMP also requested not to blow horns loudly and drive recklessly, and to inform the CMP control room or the National Emergency Service 999 immediately if needed.

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