China Media Group launches Al productions

China Media Group has embarked on an extraordinary journey towards merging Al technology with media, marking a significant milestone in innovative content creation.

CMG announced the launch of its latest Al productions on Wednesday.

The highlight of the launch event was the unveiling of ‘Chinese Mythology’, the first multilingual microdrama entirely produced by AI.

This groundbreaking series represents a revolutionary shift in content creation, with artificial intelligence handling every aspect of production, including art design, storyboards, video production, dubbing, and soundtrack.

Furthermore, Al enables the overcoming of language barriers for audiences, a previously unparalleled achievement in the industry.

CMG also unveiled the first episode of the micro-drama series ‘AI Reads Classics’, titled ‘Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils’, further highlighting Al’s storytelling capabilities.

The team completed the production of this episode in just 5 days, a remarkable accomplishment that underscores the efficiency Al brings to the process, which would typically require 3 to 4 months without Al.

Moreover, CGTN presented ‘The Rebirth of the Young Hero Nezha’, an Al production that reinterprets ancient mythology using modern technology. This innovative approach is demonstrated by the Al production process, with the story resulting from training a large language model to deeply understand the classic plot from ‘Investiture of the Gods’ and utilizing the AIGC tool to create adapted scripts.

The significance of Al in interpreting ancient myths lies in its ability to offer fresh perspectives on timeless narratives, capturing the collective dreams and aspirations of humanity.

This fusion of Al advancements with cultural heritage enriches comprehension of the past and inspires new forms of expression that seamlessly blend thought, art, and technology.

Despite the inherent imperfections in Al-generated content, the pursuit of excellence continues, driven by the belief in continuous improvement. This underscores the enduring truth that quality works deeply resonate with human emotions and concepts, regardless of the technological means employed.

To address the risks and challenges posed by Al in the media industry, CMG has already developed and released the first set of regulations governing the use of artificial intelligence in Chinese media.

These regulations encompass crucial principles such as compliance with laws and regulations, maintaining direction, ensuring safety and controllability, safeguarding privacy respecting intellectual property rights, and promoting collaboration.

Special emphasis is placed on ensuring the authenticity of news and accurately portraying historical events, characters, and cultural nuances through Al productions.

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