Why Russia-Ukraine deal is not on agenda

Both sides currently have an incentive to continue fighting. For as long as that’s the case, negotiations..

Middle East and war in Ukraine

Gulf Arab regimes, and other developing countries, will adjust to a new world where power is shifting.

North Korea tests ‘monster missile’, ends in failure: S Korea

North Korea fired a projectile Wednesday but the launch appears to have immediately failed, Seoul said, with analysts..

Russian forces press in on Kyiv amid talks

Russian forces pressed in on Kyiv Tuesday with a series of strikes on residential buildings that killed four people..

Quitting Council of Europe, says Russia

Russia said on Tuesday that it would pull out of the Council of Europe after pressure mounted for Moscow..

Humanitarian crisis brews on Ukraine border

Some 250,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries, in the past fortnight, ..

Yangon residents’ queue for water as power blackouts increase misery

Clutching pails, tubs and buckets, residents of Myanmar’s bustling commercial capital Yangon queued for..

Russia-Ukraine talks resume amid deadly strikes

Russia and Ukraine launched a fresh round of talks on Monday in an effort to end Moscow’s devastating war..

Another Russian general killed, claims Ukraine

A Ukrainian official says that another Russian general has been killed during fighting in the pro-western country.

Russian engineers inspect seized Ukraine nuclear plant Zaporizhzhia

Russian engineers have arrived to measure radiation at a Ukrainian nuclear plant, the seizure of which during..