Worldwide Covid-19 cases fast approaching 494 million

The overall number of Covid-19 cases is now fast approaching 494 million amid a rise in new infections..

SL parliament to convene amid demands for president’s resignation

Sri Lanka’s parliament will convene Tuesday in its first session since a state of emergency was imposed ..

Satellite photos show dead bodies of civilians in Ukraine’s Bucha

Satellite photographs released on Monday appear to rebut Russian assertions that dead bodies in civilian clothing..

Punjab: old politicians ousted

SINCE its emergence from the Anna Hazare movement against corruption in Delhi in 2012 the Aam Aadmi Party has remained..

Look, who cries foul now?

NINETEEN years ago, Iraq was invaded by the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland on March 19, 2003..

Lanka president can help ministers to do right things

SHORTAGES of petrol, diesel, kerosene, cooking gas, milk foods and skyrocketing prices are reminiscent ..

BIDEN’S SANCTIONS ON AFGHANISTAN: Starving a people, committing a genocide

WHEN the United States stole $7 billion from Afghanistan on February 11, that was no mere crime of robbery.

Why Russia-Ukraine deal is not on agenda

Both sides currently have an incentive to continue fighting. For as long as that’s the case, negotiations..

Middle East and war in Ukraine

Gulf Arab regimes, and other developing countries, will adjust to a new world where power is shifting.

North Korea tests ‘monster missile’, ends in failure: S Korea

North Korea fired a projectile Wednesday but the launch appears to have immediately failed, Seoul said, with analysts..