After 'El Chapo' escape, Mexico offers reward for fugitive drug lord's capture

Mexico's most notorious drug lord now has one more nefarious title: serial prison escapee. Authorities are scrambling to find Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman after his stunning escape from a maximum-security prison west of Mexico City.

Prince William starts new helicopter rescue job

He's a working dad whose career is flying: Prince William is taking to the air as a newly qualified air ambulance pilot, while trying to keep his feet on the ground.

Tunisia scrambles to seal border amid growing ISIS threat

The desert town of Remada in southern Tunisia has suddenly lost 33 of its citizens. They vanished overnight last week and are thought to have crossed the nearby border into Libya, amid a crackdown by the Tunisian authorities against suspected jihadist cells.

Between rock, hard place, Greece picks austerity. How did it get into this mess?

Greece's affair with the euro began with the grandest of hopes. But then it all went terribly wrong. In talks over the weekend, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faced an awful choice: Either abandon the euro currency and watch Greece's economy collapse, or accept more austerity in the knowledge it will cause his people even more torment.

The legend of 'El Chapo': Cartel chief cultivated Robin Hood image

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, already a nearly mythical character in Mexico, added to his legend over the weekend by escaping from prison yet again.

Report: Indonesian pilots may have been radicalized by ISIS

Authorities in Australia are concerned about the potential radicalization of two Indonesian commercial pilots, according to an intelligence report obtained by the news website The Intercept.

Fraud frenzy? Chinese seek U.S. college admission at any price

Jessica Zhang, a 21-year-old Chinese student from Jiangsu Province, says her English wasn't strong enough to fill in her U.S. college admission form.

Pope: Poor are sacrificed on 'the altar of money'

Pope Francis delivered yet another biting critique of contemporary capitalism on Saturday, saying the poor are often sacrificed on the "altar of money" and accusing the wealthy of worshipping a new "golden calf."

Typhoon Chan-hom slams eastern China's Zhoushan city

A powerful Typhoon Chan-hom slammed into the Chinese island city of Zhoushan on Saturday afternoon, bringing heavy rain and strong winds in an event that has prompted hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes.

Srebrenica ceremony: Crowd chases Serbian PM as more victims buried

Outrage erupted at Saturday's commemoration of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, as a shouting crowd threw bottles and rocks at Serbia's Prime Minister, forcing him to flee.