Taj Mahal reopens as new infections slow in India

Cases have declined in recent weeks, with several major cities including New Delhi and Mumbai easing many restrictions.

Australia releases Tamil asylum-seeking family from detention

The Murugappan family of four have been held at the remote Christmas Island immigration detention centre since August 2019, as they fight deportation to Sri Lanka.

NATO accused of exaggerating ‘China threat theory’

Beijing on Tuesday accused NATO of exaggerating the threat from China and ‘creating confrontation’, after a vow from the Western allies to work together to counter the ‘systemic challenges’ posed by its policies.

Pandemic has affected interrelationship worldwide

the Global market has become much more competitive. Covid-19 has made the US China relationship even more problematic.

UN appreciates FM’s proposal showcasing women in peacekeeping

Momen met UN under secretary general of the Department of Operational Support Atul Khare in New York on Monday and discussed the issue.

Irish police to be given powers over passwords

Gardaí will also be required to make a written record of a stop and search.

Oscar-nominated actor Ned Beatty dies at 83

Beatty’s manager, Deborah Miller, said Beatty died Sunday of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by friends and loved ones.

2 Mali soldiers killed in suspected jihadist ambush

‘Two of our men were killed by terrorists on Saturday night in an attack on one of our checkpoints, 60 kilometres southwest of Gao,’ a military official told AFP.

Netanyahu ousted as parliament votes new govt

Bennett, a tech millionaire and former special forces commander, was sworn in at the helm of an ideologically divided eight-party bloc united only by disdain for the country’s longest-serving prime minister.

Biden to restore NATO bond shaken by Trump

US president Joe Biden will seek to restore bonds of trust at NATO’s first post-Trump summit on Monday.