Jaya Sengupta
Jaya Sengupta

General Information
Incumbent Member of Parliament

Full Name: Dr. Jaya Sengupta

Affiliation: Banrladesh Awami League

Current Position: Incumbent Member of Parliament

Date of Birth: September 21, 1943

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Faridpur

Constituency: 225, Sunamganj-2

Term: Second (10th-2014, 11th-2018)

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Dr. Jaya Sengupta (born 21 September 1943) is a Bangladesh Awami League Politician and incumbent Member of Parliament representing Sunamganj-2 (Derai-Shalla) constituency.

Jaya Sengupta started her education at an established school in Kolkata, India. Later she passed the matriculation and intermediate examinations as a private candidate as there was no school-college in Bhanga Upazila. She got his degree from Rajendra College, Faridpur and MA degree from Dhaka University. She obtained her PhD in Bengali Language and Literature from Dhaka University.

Jaya started her career as a teacher. She taught at two colleges for more than twelve years in her teaching career. She then retired as the General Manager of the renowned international organization BRAC after more than fifteen years working in the education department. Jaya is credited with the success of BRAC worldwide in education as the head of the department. During this time she wrote more than thirty books for children and adolescents.

Jaya married with the prominent parliamentarian Suranjit Sengupta on 6 March 1972 after independence. After the death of her husband, she was elected as a candidate of Bangladesh Awami League in the by-election on March 30, 2017 and joined politics. She won the Eleventh Parliamentary Election as a candidate of Bangladesh Awami League by a huge margin and was elected as a Member of Parliament for the second time. In addition to being a member of the Eleventh National Assembly, she is also a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Agriculture and parliamentary caucus on protection of indigenous and religious minorities. She is also acting as a member of Bangladesh Mohila Awami League Central Sub-Committee, District Awami League and the District Jail.

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