Mashiur Rahman
Mashiur Rahman

General Information
Economic Advisor to the Honorable Prime Minister
Economist, Politician

Full Name: Dr. Mashiur Rahman

Affiliation: Bangladesh Awami League

Current Position: Member of the Advisory Committee

Date of Birth: December 31

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Khulna

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Dr. Mashiur Rahman (born 31 December) is a Bangladeshi politician, economist and incumbent Economic Affairs Advisor to the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. He is a Advisory Committee member of Banrladesh Awami League. 

Rahman was born in Digholia Upazila of Khulna district. He has voiced support for Rampal Power Plant in the Sundarbans. He was the chief election commissioner in the Awami League council elections in October 2016. He was accused of being involved in the Padma Bridge Scandal. On 12 January 2014, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina appointed him as the Economic Adviser to the Prime with the rank of a minister. In 2019, he was re-appointed to the same post.

Rahman is the Co-Chair and Founding President of American Alumni Assoication (AAA).

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