Md. Sahiduzzaman
Md. Sahiduzzaman

General Information
Former Member of Parliament
Engineer, Politician

Full Name: Engr. Mohammad Sahiduzzaman

Affiliation: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)

Current Position: Former Member of Parliament

Date of Birth: 1953

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Cox's Bazar

Constituency: 298, Cox's Bazar-3

Term: First (8th-2001)

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Engr. Mohammad Sahiduzzaman (born 1953) is a Bangladesh Nationalist Party politician, Engineer and former Member of Parliament represented Cox's Bazar-3 constituency.

Shahiduzzaman was born in the village of Mashuakhali in Rashidnagar, Ramur, Cox's Bazar. His father Farid Ahmed was a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan at that time and was the Union Minister of Labor and mother Rizia Ahmed. His elder brother Mohammad Khalequzzaman was a Member of Parliament from Cox's Bazar-3 (Sadar-Ramu) constituency.

Shahiduzzaman is an engineer. His elder brother Mohammad Khalequzzaman, the nominee of the then four-party alliance, died just three days before the September 26, 2001 parliamentary elections. He was later elected as a Member of Parliament from Cox's Bazar-3 constituency as a candidate of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. After failing to get the Bangladesh Nationalist Party nomination in 2008, he lost the election as an independent candidate.

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