Jashim Uddin
Jashim Uddin

General Information
President of FBCCI

Full Name: Jashim Uddin

Affiliation: Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI)

Current Position: President

Date of Birth: January 01, 1965

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Noakhali

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Jashim Uddin(born 01 January 1965) is a Bangladeshi businessman and incumbent president of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). Bangladesh government enlisted him as Commercially Important Person (CIP) for the year 2011 for his outstanding contribution in the development of Bangladesh Economy.He received Best Enterprise Award 2007.

Jashim, son of late Al-Hajj Idris Miah & late Tahera Begum, was born in a respectable Muslim family of Sonaimury, Noakhali. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce in the year 1986. He has started his business career in 1983 as a Director of Bengal Group of Industries. The Group is made up of a number of different industries that operate in diversified fields like plastic processing, chemicals, food processing, and trading.

Jashim is the Chairman of Desh General Insurance Company Limited & Vice Chairman of Bengal Group of Industries. He has awarded CIP in the year 1999, 2009-2010 & 2010- 2011 by the Government of Bangladesh for contributing to Bangladesh’s economy and business arena. He has also received Prime Minister National Export Trophy- silver during the FY 1997-1998 & FY 2009-2010, FY 2010-2011, FY 2012-2013, FY 2013-2014, and gold during the FY 2000-2001, FY 2006-2007, FY 2012-2013 & FY 2013-2014. He also received Prime Minister’s Export trophy- Bronze during the FY 2010-2011.

Jashim holds the position of President at the Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA). He also serves as a Director of Desh General Insurance Company Ltd., (DGIC) and sponsor shareholder of Meghna Bank Ltd. He is also the Chairman of Bengal Commercial Bank. He bears more than 29 years of business experience with a specialized knowledge in plastic chemicals and cast polyester technology. He is entitled as the pioneer of modern technology based plastic industry business of the country. In appreciation of his vast experience, he bears the honor of holding the position of the President of Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BPGMEA). In addition, he is also a Director of Bengal Media Corporation Limited (RTV), Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Limited, Romania Food and Beverage Ltd., Bengal Cement Limited, Bengal Adhesive and Chemicals Products Ltd., Bengal Flexipak Limited and some other concerns of Bengal Group. He is also the Managing Director of Bengal Plastics Limited, Bengal Agro Industries Limited, Bengal Renewable Energy Limited, Bengal Feed & Fisharies Limited, Power Utility Bangladesh Limited, Bengal Plastic Pipes Limited, Bengal Polymer Wares Ltd. and other concerns of Bengal Group. Mr. Jasim Uddin held up the position as Senior Vice President of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). He is also a Sponsor shareholder of Meghna Bank Limited.

Jashim has a deep affinity and also attached to a number of socio-cultural organizations and educational institutes such as:

  • Founder of Jashim Uddin Kinder Garden at Nateswar, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali
  • Founder of Morshed Alam, High School at Nateswar, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali
  • Donated and constructed a few Madrashas & Masjids in Nateswar, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali, and other Districts
  • Actively involved with organizations in his native area under P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali for the improvement of Living Standards of the people and Eradication of Poverty in the Neighborhood.

At the level of personality he is amicable, enthusing of hard working and highest affectionate to his beloved only daughter and son.

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