Sense of deja vu as BCB revives technical body

The Bangladesh Cricket Board on Thursday brought back the controversial technical committee, raising fears of conflict of interest in certain activities as happened in the past. Six former cricketers – Jahangir Shah Badshah, Atahar Ali Khan, ASM Faruque, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Mainul Haque, and Shafiqul Haque – have been primarily considered as probable members subject to their approval. Board president Nazmul Hasan told media after Thursday’s meeting that they will select the convener of the technical committee soon, without elaborating of its job criterion. BCB’s media committee chairman Jalal Yunus on Friday said that the primary job of the technical committee will be limited to assessing the performance of national team and give certain recommendation. ‘They will closely monitor our team, assess their performance and give us the recommendation if needed,’ said Jalal. ‘The board will take the final decision. ‘They will not interfere in board related issues and for that they will not have any power to exercise any kind of authority over the national team members and its coaching staff,’ said Jalal. ‘Their position remains the same with other standing committees of BCB.

They are expected to help us with their experience to minimise our shortcomings in technical aspects,’ said Jalal. Jalal was part of the technical committee in the previous board that went beyond the measures on quite a few occasions to trigger several controversies. The other members of all powerful previous technical committee, headed by Enayet Hossain, were Gazi Ashraf Hossain and Dewan Shafiul Arefin. Past experience indicates that it only takes a matter of time before the technical committee members began to poke their noses in different matters beyond their jurisdiction. Previously it was reported in media that technical committee members tried to exert their authority on Rafiqul Alam and Akram Khan-led selection panel and on quite a few occasions changed the team that they had submitted. In one famous occasion the technical committee members dismissed a work plan designed for BCB by South African coach Richard Pybus. Pybus felt humiliated and did not return to coach Tigers after he left Bangladesh following the event. The presence of Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul in the technical committee was at the centre of all debate as he had never played the game at any serious level. Chief selector Faruk Ahmed said that he was yet to get a clear idea about the role of new technical committee members would play but insisted they can make a significant contribution provided they act within their jurisdiction. ‘I really don’t know about their role,’ said Faruk. ’But it can be worthy if they prefer to give time in developing our sport with their experience. ‘They can be used in the bowling review committee while their expertise can be taken in dealing with wickets, yearly calendar to other cricket related affairs where technical knowhow is important before taking a decision,’ said Faruk. BCB officials added on request of anonymity that Faruk-led panel can be thankful because there are no board directors included in the present technical committee unlike before. ‘Basically some of the technical committee members were seen raising their voice against the BCB in recent past, so it was formed to keep them quiet,’ observed an official.

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