Tritiyo Matra steps into 16th year

Tritiyo Matra celebrates 15 years of continuous success and moves into its 16th year   today.

On this day 15 years ago, Tritiyo Matra with its first telecast truly introduced a new dimension to the socio political mindset of the nation, by offering a neutral ground for open discussions, constructive criticisms and dialogues between the social leaders, intellectuals, politicians and bureaucrats of the nation; and made it possible for the general people to watch them closely how they act, react, discuss and defend their ideologies, opinions or stand-points when exposed and being questioned by their oppositions.

It created a huge impact by generating tremendous awareness amongst the mass about their country’s politics and socio-economic situations that enabled them to better judge the existing leadership and developed their strong view points about betterment of this nation.


Since then Tritiyo Matra has never stopped asking questions to the country’s leadership for accountability, transparency and consistency of their speech and deeds, by playing a moderator’s role which represents an honest, curious and fearless voice “of the people, by the people and for the people” - ensuring democracy in its true meaning.

The journey has not been easy, and never in all those 5460 days, but Tritiyo Matra decided not to give up, or let loose in our efforts.

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