Pandemic has affected interrelationship worldwide

Zinnia Sheikh 

Covid-19 is a geopolitical game changer worldwide. It has affected inter-relationship of supply chains around the world said by John Morrell, one of the navigators of Tritiyo Matra.

John Morrell, Regional Director for the Asia & Pacific and Center for International Enterprise also said, “the Global market has become much more competitive. Covid-19 has made the US China relationship even more problematic.

He also indicated China has spread the corona virus around the world but the Chinese government has been denied and tried to cover it up which is unacceptable for the USA.

He said, “There are lots of misconceptions about the Quad between the United States, India, Australia and Japan. The Quad is not Asian niddle. It is the voluntary coldness of the four world democracy to stand up for and to ensure Maritime security.”

About the vaccine diplomacy John Morrell denied that the USA is not involved with this. The United States always provides food and health aid around the world so they are trying to help the world through reaching vaccines among different countries as soon as possible. At the same time, He suspected that vaccine diplomacy will be critical over the coming two years.

Other guest Dr. Muhammad Parvez Imdad, Economist & Governance analyst was contented with John Morrell. He urged the World Health Organisation (WHO) to do proper investigation of spreading covid 19 among the world.

According to him adequate distribution of knowledge and insufficient coordination of World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Health systems were responsible for the massively covid worldwide hit.

He indicated to look after Small and medium enterprises business and to create sort employment as soon as possible.